Did you know?

Year 1899 in Ilok was founded Royal School of Viticulture, whose tradition College Ilok grown up to today.


The waters and backwaters of the Danube and many hidden spots along its banks provide an ideal opportunity to relax with a fishing rod in your hands. Maybe you will be able to turn your catch into a tasty fish meal. The following freshwater fish are the commonest: carp, pike-perch, catfish, pike, bream and roach. The fishing rod and hook are the most frequently used pieces of equipment, while beating the water and similar methods are less common.
You need to obtain a fishing licence. Information and licences can be obtained at fishing clubs and from the fisheries warden.
Prices of licences: Daily licence – 60 Kn; Annual licence – 450 Kn.
Fishing clubs/contacts:

  • fisheries warden: Josip Miškulin;
    phone: 098-514-118
  • Fishing club «Šaran», Ilok;
    contact person: Darko Vražić,
    phone: 098-540-768
  • Fishing club «Karas», Ilok;
    contact person: Josip Miškulin,
    phone: 098-514-118 or keka_1@net.hr
  • Fishing club «Kečiga», Šarengrad;