The region of Ilok has always been a place of delicious and ample food. Tasty dishes and quality wines are an essential part of your host’s table. The abundance of nature and a good position on the Danube have made it possible for peasants, tradesmen and “gentlemen” not to be short of anything and to become gourmets and culinary masters. The local cuisine is a mixture of the Slavonian and Austro-Hungarian culinary tradition, mostly richer, fuller in taste and spices, and desserts are never forgotten, especially on Sunday. Homemade brandy and numerous varieties of grapes of superb quality mark the beginning and end of each meal. These days, the menus at the Ilok restaurants offer some of the traditional meals: the Ilok ćevap (pork steak with a spicy sauce and mashed potatoes or the so-called dry ćevap with more onion and less sauce), čobanac (a kind of stew, mostly made of pork or beef or game), “Bachelors’ dinner”,sausage from Srijem, ham and so on. Fish meals are equal in quality, diversity and taste, and the most frequently offered ones are fish stew, fried fish (catfish, pike-perch, carp…) or fish plates with light vegetable side dishes. On special occasions fish on poles and on talandara are prepared.

Desserts offered in restaurants are mostly pies, doughnuts, pancakes and cakes.