Did you know?

Year 1899 in Ilok was founded Royal School of Viticulture, whose tradition College Ilok grown up to today.

From the Upper Town to the Danube

(about 1h 45 min)

Take the steps in the Upper Town at the Cross that lead to the Lower Town and the Danube. When you come to the restaurant “Kapistran”, go along the road towards the walkway along the Dunavac.

Stop for a while by the Dunavac, a backwater of the Danube, surrounded with typical marsh nature, a wealth of birds, trees, plants and scents.

Continue your walk towards the hotel “Dunav” and the quay along the eternal and mighty flow of the Danube, take a rest on a bench, and finish your walk with a tasty meal on the fine terrace of the hotel “Dunav”.